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photo by Rob Hernandez

San Antonio, TX, 2023


California grown,

New York aged, 

rooted in south-central Texas. 

With a small town heart and big city grit, Kayla penned a creative home for herself somewhere in the middle - 

merging the melodic sensibilities of early-aughts adult contemporary and indie-folk pop with subtle nods to her background in musical theatre.

An emerging singer-songwriter, her focus on vulnerable, relatable lyrics coupled with earworm melodies creates an authentic, open invitation for the listener to hear the soul behind the song. 

Musical influences include Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, The Weepies, Maria Mena, Maisie Peters, Hanson, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Brandi Carlile,

and Regina Spektor.

"Discovering my voice as a songwriter after so many years telling stories in other ways has been such a gift - I've experienced freedom through music in a way I never thought possible, a way that both empowers and humbles me every day."

Kayla Friend

she plays:

ukulele, piano, kazoo

she likes:

sentimental gifts, honesty, avocados

she is:

a late bloomer,

an Aquarius rising,

afraid of thunder

she wants:

tacos (mostly)

Kayla Friend, woman in ripped jeans and white button down shirt with a tie dancing in a studio.

photo by S.M. Hawkins Photography

New York City, 2023

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